Saturday, January 23, 2016

Three (3) Things That A Man Would Do If He Is In Love With A Lady (Part 1)


Men aren't that good at showing how they feel about you even when they are deeply in-love. But when you see the subtle signs, be sure to recognize it fast enough. Inspired by Your Tango here are the initial 3 ways men show it when they are in love with you. 

A. He wants to be part of your life: Doesn't matter if  you are boring or over the top crazy. He just wants to be part of it all.

B. He tells you he's crazy about you: He is saying it for you to understand what he feels for you,don't take it for granted.

C. He opens up to you: Men aren't known to be emotional, so if you see him craving for emotional and not physical intimacy with you, it's a sure bet that he wants you to be more than friends.

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