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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Why Would Someone Still Money From Church Offering?


A member of Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, Ejigbo, Lagos, has been arrested for allegedly stealing money from the church’s offering box. The suspect, identified simply as Kingsley, was apprehended by the church’s private guards Tuesday and N5,000, which he allegedly stole, recovered from him. Preliminary investigation showed that Kingsley had earlier been arrested for same offence. He had gone to church on Tuesday for the regular morning mass.

While other worshippers left after the service, Kingsley stayed behind, pretending to be having personal prayer time. Thereafter, he reportedly went to where the offering box was kept, brought out a glue-coated stick and dipped it inside the offering box.

When he pulled it out, some money got stuck to the stick. On his way out of the chapel, one of the private security men, who saw him taking the money, searched him and recovered N5,000. He was subsequently taken to the parish priest, who directed that he should be released on compassionate grounds.

Arrested However, on getting home, Vanguard gathered an argument over his misdemeanour ensued between him and his wife. He then beat his wife. The assault on his wife was reported at the Ejigbo Police Division and he was arrested. During investigation, the suspect blamed his conduct on his inability to take care of his pregnant wife.


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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Are You Unemployed? How Has Life Been Treating You?


To be unemployed, even when you are qualified, willing and able to work perfectly on that elusive job is simply disheartening. Read More on

Are You Unemployed? How Has Life Been Treating You? Leave A Reply on

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See Some Of The Benefits Of Undertaking Online Courses

Benefits of Online University Courses

For some time now, many people have had concerns about the importance, validity and acceptability of online higher institution studies. There reference would usually be National Open University of Nigeria NOUN. But the fact is that it is very valid, has come to stay and there are numerous benefits. In the past, people neglected online Universities because of lack of access to ICT and prevalence of conventional higher institutions. But this is no longer the case now.  The number of students subscribing to online Universities is ever of  the rise. A stopover at any study center of NOUN will confirm this point to you. Now, Some of the benefits of Online University include:

1. Flexibility

This is one of the most attractive features of online classes. Since the program is delivered to your computer, you can study from anywhere and at any time. While the courses offer you flexibility, for you to graduate and get a certificate you have to complete your module.

2. Lower costs

While the tuition fees for some online courses are similar to those charged in traditional institutions, you save money in the long run when you enroll in an online class. Since you take online classes at the comfort of your home, you save money that you would have spent travelling to school. Also, with online classes you don’t have to buy school supplies, rent a hostel or worry about meal plans.

3. Access to nontraditional courses

Institutions of learning mold students to be good employees. This means that you can’t get courses that are designed to offer you life skills. With the coming of online universities, you can get almost any course that you want.

Some of the courses that you can get online that you can never find in traditional learning institutions include: guidelines on how to lose weight, guidelines on how to know your talents and make the most of them, and many others.

4. More time with family and friends

If you are a working parent and taking evening and weekend classes you understand the sacrifice that you have to make. You spend the entire day at work then spend the evenings and weekends in class. This means that you have little or no time with your loved ones.

With online classes you don’t have to compromise relationships with family members. Once you are through with work, you can head home and spend time with your loved ones. After spending quality time you can now open your computer and study until late into the night.

5. Learn at your pace

Most of the courses (especially nontraditional ones) are designed in a way that you are the one who triggers the next topic. This means that if you don’t have time to study, you can take some time off and study when you have time. This is a luxury that you can’t get from a traditional mode of learning as your learning pace is determined by the lecturer.


Although some of these points were copied from a social network, but I confirm them to be true because I am proud holder of 2 different Postgraduate degrees at NOUN.

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What Is Organic Farming And How Will It Improve Crop Production And Wealth Generation For Local Farmers In Africa

We all know that Africa's and Nigerian Government is seriously seeking for sustainable ways to diversifying her economy and farming is one of the surest ways.

What Is Organic Farming? How is it going to help improve crop production and wealth generation for local farmers? 

Join this ongoing discussion and drop your thoughts on, Nigeria's No1 Opportunity Broadcasting Network.

You welcome to leave a comment here please.

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Great Qualities of an Introvert


Not minding the fact that introverts can be extreme loners, practical people with inability to express theirselves and they get the phobia of kissing and hugging or even holding hands in public, here are some reasons to be with an introvert guy.. they're amazing!! 

Great listeners. My boyfriend helps me a lot by just listening to me. You know when you want some one to just hear you out and only advice when asked for, Introverts are ever ready for that.
Very Intelligent. Very clichéd sentence but trust me they are intelligent. My Man solves the rubiks cube in under 2 mins. That's crazy.

No nonsense. They are the ones you can have the most meaningful conversations with, not garbage talks.
They guide you very well. Some how they see you just the way you are, and yet love you because it's beyond looks for them. They don't get blinded by love, and yet For them love means everything and they give it their all.

Not Fake. They do not pretend to like you. They either just like you or don't and will tell you straight

Love Ain't A Game . They don't fall in love easily, but They fall hard. For them love isn't a game, their Hearts are at Stake. If they tell you they love you, you better not break their heart.

Calm by nature. Would women want to be with a man who gets violent, abuses, puts her down, yells at her or with A Man who treats her like a princess, will be faithful and treat her with respect all her life. I'm sure you will choose the latter i.e The Introverted man. They can never get violent it's just not in their nature to fight, and usually are respectful towards everyone in general.

Give you space. Space is must in a relationship and introverts know how to give you that. 

Stand by you. Is anything in this world worth more than some one actually standing by you through the toughest times? Introverts who are in love with you, won't back down when your in trouble, or back off because some one else says so. They fight hard to protect their loved ones.

Won't “use" you. Introverted men never woo women as a game. They are genuinely attracted to her and want to get to know her on deeper level. Yes sex is on their mind too but they will never cross their boundaries with you. Introverted women find it hard to fall for some one and when they do it's usually for life. 

Honesty. Yes they are brutally honest, they will criticize you, not to hurt you but, because they really care about you . Yet they will be the first ones to come Cheer you up, Motivate you when you feel down and like a total failure.

Best friends. They are the bestest friends you can ever find. Trust me.

Loyalty. Being faithful comes to them naturally. Since they are introverted, they do not have many friends or easily make new connections. This means they do not find it hard to stay loyal and committed when in a serious relationship.

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Monday, March 28, 2016

What's The Implication Of FG's Proposed 9% Tax On SMS, MMS And Pay-TV To Job Creation And Business Start-ups?

Have Your Say At this ongoing discussion on, Nigeria's No1 Opportunity Broadcasting Network.

What's The Implication Of The FG's Proposed 9% Tax On SMS, MMS & PAY-TV To Job Creation, Start-ups & Young Businesses?

See more @

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Read This Info Before You Update Your Whatsapp

There was a report that whatsapp developers will be discontinuing their support to some devices...

A few days ago, Whatsapp announced that the'll be restricting support to all blackberry, Nokia S40, S60 and older android smartphones. This implies that this phones can't use whatsapp any longer.

Just this morning i got a push notification to update my whatsapp to the latest version and BOOM, There goes my whatsapp from my blackberry phone.

Anyway, that's the only way they can stop us from using whatsapp on this devices. So if you still wish to use your whatsappp on you Nokia, Blackberry, Just ignore the push notification to update your whatsapp that way you can still use the app.

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Sunday, March 27, 2016

Avoid The Use of Second Hand Mobile Phones - NCC To Nigerians

Nawaao!!!  This is really a very #SeriousMata.

The Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has warned Nigerians to desist from the use of second hand and substandard mobile phones, saying such devices pose greater risk to the users.

Executive Vice Chairman of the Commission, Professor Umaru Garba Danbatta gave the advise at the occasion marking NCC special day at the ongoing 37th Kaduna International Trade Fair.

Professor Dambatta who was represented by Hajia Maryam Bayi debunked insinuation that telecom facilities like masts and towers pose health hazards to residents around such facilities, saying cell phones, pose greater health risks than masts.

While highlighting the numerous roles of NCC towards ensuring that telecom subscribers get the best of service from their service providers, the telecoms regulatory agency said, consumers must also play their roles accordingly in other to receive quality service.

According to him, “the use of substandard and counterfeit devices, have been identified as one of the reasons for poor quality of service.

“Today, there are different types of handset in the market. Some of these devices have been used and dropped in the other parts of the world. Some are devices that did not meet international benchmarks for safety and other requirements,” he said.

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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Ondo State Bans Nomadic Herdsmen Activities


Is this the way forward to reduce the increasing wave of violence carried out as a result of herdsmen actions and inaction?

Ondo State Bans Activities Of Fulani Nomadic Herdsmen, Threatens To Arrest Defaulters
Ondo State Commissioner for Environment Sola Ebiseni made the disclosure in Akure at a stakeholder meeting to deliberate on the constant clashes between farmers and the Fulani herdsmen in Ondo State.

Ondo State Commissioner for Environment Sola Ebiseni made the disclosure in Akure at a stakeholder meeting to deliberate on the constant clashes between farmers and the Fulani herdsmen in Ondo State. 

Ebiseni said the State government had already given the Fulani herdsmen a one week ultimatum to evacuate their cattle from the main town of Akure.

He declared that any Fulani nomadic herdsman grazing cattle at night would also be considered thieves and handed over to the law enforcement agencies.

"We don't want to see the Fulani herdsmen grazing cattle within the streets of Akure, the State capital,” Mr. Ebiseni said. "Animals are not reared on the road in our own towns. They are allowed in the outskirts of the town.”

A SaharaReporters correspondent reported that a monitoring task force team from the Ministry of Environment in the State has been mandated to ensure strict compliance of the order. 

"The team is also saddled with the responsibility of dealing decisively with any erring cattle rearers that would flout such order from the State government,” our correspondent reported.

Additionally, the State government resolved that cattle dealers and marketers should register as an association or body with proof of identification. The government claimed that this would help identify cattle rearers who incite trouble and violence.

Among the other major areas forbidden for Fulani herdsmen to graze their cattle in the State included: Oba ile Road, Ode-ilekun Road, Barracks/Ondo Road, Airport/Owo Road, Adofure/Idanre Road, including all permanent residential estates. 

During the meeting, Akin Olotu, an environmental activist and chairman of the Agricultural Commodities Association in Ondo State, called for a proper synergy between the States in the federation and the federal government in establishing cattle ranches for the benefit of Fulani nomadic herdsmen.


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