Tuesday, February 16, 2016

This Week's Featured Post: Nigerians Plan March 1st "No Banking" Day


Following the ever growing hardship being experienced by Nigerians and their businesses as well as several charges being collected from bank customers with their approval, March 1st is expected to be marked as ‘No Banking Day!’

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On this date, No withdrawal or deposits shall be made by bank customers as a sign of protest to show total disapproval of the fact that CBN is aiding banks to exploit bank customers.

Some customers insist that banks debit our accounts at will for charges we never agreed to or were not aware of; they charge us for every little service; we pay for getting our statements; introduction letters; and now, some banks are charging N200 for the use of deposit and transfer forms!

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“Under the current CBN management, abolished fees are being reintroduced. ATM withdrawals that were free now cost N65 on 3rd withdrawals.We pay N1000 for debit card issuance and renewals; we pay N105 for every online transfer; and they still charge N105 as Annual Debit Card Maintenance and now, a new Stamp Duty charge of N50 on every credit of over N1000 has just been introduced.

Source: http://www.vanguardngr.com/

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