Thursday, February 11, 2016

Cattle Ranch Is Good For Africa……..Shouldn’t Nigeria Embrace It?

Northern part of Sub Saharan Africa and Nigeria is mostly known for Cattle rearing and farming unlike her counterpart in the South known for Fishing and farming. The Fulani forms the majority of cattle owners in the north and would own over 80% of cattle there. #SeriousMata

The Fulani cattle man goes about and everywhere with his cattle, traversing very long distances with his herd of cattles in search of food; greener pastures. Seasonal migration of cattles and their owners are also observed resulting to some issues such as destruction of farmlands and disputes with owners of the land. Sometimes, those encounters lead to serious violence with destruction of properties and deaths on the trail.

Now, #SeriousMata calls on the authorities of these nations to urgently implement these Ranches (Cattle Ranch) and/ or support cattle owners to build ranches for cleaner and safer grazing of cattle. Ranches will also reduce destruction of farmlands and properties worth millions of dollars and lots more.

#Seriously, Cattle Ranches Are Good For Africa……..Shouldn’t Nigeria Embracing It?

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