Sunday, February 21, 2016

Excessive Heat at Night - How Hot Is It In Your Location?


Boy oh boy!!!
Could this be the global warming I always hear in all these James bond movies? 

I don't know if it's only me and my family that has been experiencing this unprecedented excessive increase in general temperature. Heat just too much, especially at night time.

One of our correspondence says that he almost always takes his bath up to 8 times in just a day even at midnights. There's currently scarcity of normal cold water for bathing in my area; all the taps,pumps and tanks around produce HOT water without anybody boiling them.

Just last night I was about to suffocate, even the fan was producing very hot air and I couldn't take it no more. As I tried to lay outside at the balcony I nearly melted; the damn floor has not gotten rid of the afternoon's sun yet. The floor was smoking, I had to improvise then. I filled a bucket with the usual hot water and then brought out 3 sachet water that I had earlier left in the freezer to block. I tore out the sachets entirely and put the bare blocks in my bucket of water (drastic times call for drastic measures). After some minutes I carried the bucket to the bathroom, took off my already sweat-soaked boxers and as I splashed the water on my body, Lo and behold I just heard the exact sound akara balls make when it's being thrown into hot oil. I got all fresh again and decided not use the towel so that the refreshing feeling can last a while longer. To my dismay, I got to my wardrobe, searched a few seconds for another boxers, put it on. Then as I raised my head up, I got the feeling of something rushing down my bare back.. (God save me from karashika)

Nwanne I had to improvise again. I changed the position of mattress in a way it's adjacent to the refrigerator. I opened the refrigerator wide open and slept with my head stuck in it. 

This morning, it was the sound of the boiling egusi soup I had in the freezer that woke me up. The ice in the freezer had melted and the egusi was having great fun inside the bowl even trying to throw the cover over. As I opened the bowl and interrupted it's little party, it was very unforgiven and threw back at me the most horrible stench I've ever perceived in lifetime. My rich soup has soured!! 

Hilarious as this may sound, the truth is that our weather is hot. It's like God is showing us a feel of what HELL FIRE looks like so that we might repent.

Dear readers, we'll want to hear from you.
How Is The Weather In Your Country, State, Towns and Locality.? 

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