Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why Do You Look Surprised Or Even Shed Tears When He Proposes To You?


But seriously, why do ladies act surprised and mushy when a man proposes to them? Some of these folks may have been dating for about a year and in all of those 12 months, you guys didn't discuss marriage? If you did, why the overly surprising show off when a man goes down on one knee to stain his trousers for you?

During courtship, some discussions and gist would have come up leading to some marriage related discussions. Some of such include: Type of marriage, prospective period of marriage, number of kids, kind of education for the kids, honeymoon location, choice of city to live in, number of palm-wine glasses I'd get per day etc.

Now, the question is why do girls show that they are surprised when he proposes marriage, especially knowing that you have had similar discussions in the past? Why the occasional tears sef? Are you shocked that someone you dated for years is asking you to marry him?

What Do You Say?

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