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10 Great Reasons Why You Must Attend SUNDAY SCHOOL


Sunday school in every true Christian Church is an integral part of the church service.
It is put together every Sunday morning, usually before the main service, to help worshipers learn the word of God deeply and intimately.

However, It is a pity that some people have never attended it before,these are the blessings you might have been missing by not attending sunday schools lecture: 

1.It gives room for question and answers : 
At the end of every sunday school lessons,there is always room for all members to ask question and all questions are given answers to.
If you have not been attending before,start attending so that the questions that had been bothering your mind all this years will be given answers to ,there are various sunday school teachers in all churches

2.It helps you to know more deeply about the bible : 
Almost 70% of the sunday school deals with bible,memory scriptures are included in every lesson,if you go more conversant with the sunday school,you will learn more scriptures that will help you when problem arises

3.You meet new spiritual friends : 
Church is the best place in this world to meet your best friends and friends you meet in church and most especially sunday schools are not a mere friend but spiritual friends,you can discuss bible,gospel songs with and they are the only friend that will stand by your side during hard times

4.Without Sunday school,your service is incomplete : 
Some people will willingly not attend sunday schools,most especially youths,they will target the time when worship and praises are going on,i must confess to you that you are wasting your time.
Sunday school is a very crucial lecture you must not miss,you need it seriously

5.It helps you to move closer with God : 
You can move closer and walk with God by attending sunday schools,there are somethings that are being taught that may not be repeated during other church service,To move more closer to your creator,start attending sunday schools. 

6.It kills the spirit of laziness in you : 
In most churches that i know,sunday schools are being taught in the morning before any other services,When you attend sunday schools,the habbit of laziness which control you to go to church and workplace late in you will be destroyed.

7.It gives you courage and strength : 
There are some keywords in sunday school pamflets that gives you courage,strength.
If you don't attend sunday schools,how will you know those words that might give you courage and strength against evil.
Start attending sunday schools ASAP

8.It also helps in your a cademics : 
There are some vocabularies in the pamflet that can help you in your academics especially to those offering C.R.S.,IT really helps.
Moreso,it also improves your reading habits,you can learn to read by reading it.

9.You may have the opportunity to win an award : 
At the end of every session,Exams are being done and awards and gifts are awarded to the best participants,if you start attending the class,who knows you might be the scholar that will be awarded!

10.Pastors in the house please add more benefits 

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