Saturday, March 12, 2016

6 Warning Signs Of An Irresponsible Man


We are continuing with our important thoughts about how you will know what some guys will turn out to be. In fact, the behavior of some guys clearly shows that they will end up as terrors to their wife and family.. Therefore some of the signs that shows what type of an Irresponsible husband he will become include:
  • I Don't Care Attitude
    The way some guys behave can be likened to a voracious animal. They dump and change ladies like sanitary pads as they care less about their emotion by suggesting abortion for any sex journey that becomes foetus.
  • Irresponsible Financial Management
    Some guys blow money like trumpet without thinking about future investment. They spend their money on vague things like phones, prostitutes, etc. Such guys will eventually become an irresponsible husband.
  • Poor Listening Habit
    Some guys develop poor listening habit and it results in ineffective communication, which usually have an adverse impact on the productivity of the individual and their relationships. Poor listening definitely make a huge, negative impact on team morale and productivity. This situation usually results in conflicts and misunderstandings among partners, and it creates a negative environment.
  • Lack of Self control
    Some guys lack the ability to control their emotions, behavior, and desires. Guys should constantly be striving towards self-control and discipline, because these are foundations of integrity. One thing they need to understand about self-control is that it is not as much about saying no to certain fleshly desires, lusts and cravings but more about living and abundant life free from addiction regret and shame.
  • Interrupting a conversation
    Guys are good at Interrupting a conversation with improper body language or inappropriate words and this has a negative impact on their relationships. My bf does this a lot and it annoys me… I’ve told him severally yet, he can’t stop it
  • Smelly and Dirty
    Some guys are so dirty that if they should pass you, oh my God! you won’t be able to breathe for hours and most of them term it sexy…. Imagine animal odour is now sexy ta…go and sleep it’s a turn off to we ladies.. We love guys that are neat, guys that organizes theirhome.

 We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with our readers all over the world so that we all can learn to avoid or help such guys learn better characters.

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