Saturday, March 05, 2016

Can A Monthly Salary Earner Become Wealthy And Fulfilled?


I was jolted out of my years of day dreams the other day discussing with friends. They were talking enviously about someone who landed a job where he receives N500,000 monthly. Huge, isn't it? But, as soon as I heard them, a question occurred to me and I asked: "In a year, how much will that person receive?" Six million naira! "How poor it is when you compare it with most average entrepreneurs who earn several millions in bulk severally over the course of a year!" I said. I continued: "This is really an eye opener. Even if that person receives 1,000,000NGN/month, that's only 12,000,000 in a year and it's not in bulk, and yet everyone in the family and in town expects so much from him... when a 24-year-old undergraduate made 91,000,000 NGN through MLM in 2015 alone ... I mean in bulk without being bullied around in office politics and all that". My thought process still continued after I left that discussion and so I decided to share it here.

Can earning a salary really make you rich and happy? The example given above is of people receiving some of the most 'handsome' pay packs in town and how many are they even? On the Zero Sickness Nigeria Campaign website, you will find a page entitled "poverty too is a sickness" which shows how easily even uneducated people earn 10,000,000 NGN in bulk in just a year doing almost nothing except that they invested.

From the above you'd think I do not approve of salaried jobs. I even believe you can be rich and very rich with your salary only if you invest it intelligently. The best investment is not always the one that takes you most money. It is the one with the highest ROI. To get this, do a great deal of background checks but just enough to not let analysis paralysis stop you. For example, the example of uneducated people said to be earning 10,000,000 NGN in bulk in just a year talks of an investment of Thirty-six thousand naira (N36,000) only when someone elsewhere is putting in Twenty-two million naira (22,000,000 NGN) in a property he would sell for 30,000,000 in three years.

My point is this: you can become rich with your salary only by investing it well - not by saving it away. And the best investment is not always the flashiest. Oprah Winfrey made her money by investing in "controversial self help ideas" according to Wikipedia.


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