Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Great Qualities of an Introvert


Not minding the fact that introverts can be extreme loners, practical people with inability to express theirselves and they get the phobia of kissing and hugging or even holding hands in public, here are some reasons to be with an introvert guy.. they're amazing!! 

Great listeners. My boyfriend helps me a lot by just listening to me. You know when you want some one to just hear you out and only advice when asked for, Introverts are ever ready for that.
Very Intelligent. Very clichéd sentence but trust me they are intelligent. My Man solves the rubiks cube in under 2 mins. That's crazy.

No nonsense. They are the ones you can have the most meaningful conversations with, not garbage talks.
They guide you very well. Some how they see you just the way you are, and yet love you because it's beyond looks for them. They don't get blinded by love, and yet For them love means everything and they give it their all.

Not Fake. They do not pretend to like you. They either just like you or don't and will tell you straight

Love Ain't A Game . They don't fall in love easily, but They fall hard. For them love isn't a game, their Hearts are at Stake. If they tell you they love you, you better not break their heart.

Calm by nature. Would women want to be with a man who gets violent, abuses, puts her down, yells at her or with A Man who treats her like a princess, will be faithful and treat her with respect all her life. I'm sure you will choose the latter i.e The Introverted man. They can never get violent it's just not in their nature to fight, and usually are respectful towards everyone in general.

Give you space. Space is must in a relationship and introverts know how to give you that. 

Stand by you. Is anything in this world worth more than some one actually standing by you through the toughest times? Introverts who are in love with you, won't back down when your in trouble, or back off because some one else says so. They fight hard to protect their loved ones.

Won't “use" you. Introverted men never woo women as a game. They are genuinely attracted to her and want to get to know her on deeper level. Yes sex is on their mind too but they will never cross their boundaries with you. Introverted women find it hard to fall for some one and when they do it's usually for life. 

Honesty. Yes they are brutally honest, they will criticize you, not to hurt you but, because they really care about you . Yet they will be the first ones to come Cheer you up, Motivate you when you feel down and like a total failure.

Best friends. They are the bestest friends you can ever find. Trust me.

Loyalty. Being faithful comes to them naturally. Since they are introverted, they do not have many friends or easily make new connections. This means they do not find it hard to stay loyal and committed when in a serious relationship.

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