Saturday, March 19, 2016

How To Attract Disgrace To Yourself And Family


In Life, there are many different things people would do, although they might be wrong, but somehow, they succeed in getting away with them.

However, some others might not be as lucky as the group described above. These ones receive the biggest Disgrace even for some faults that doesn't measure up to what others did.


1. ALCOHOL: I know some people will see this and hiss, but that is the truth, most people do abnormal things when they are drunk. last week a friend of mine, (name withheld) got drunk to stupor, when it was time for him to urinate, he went to the kitchen and urinated inside the cooking pot.

2. EXAM MALPRACTICE: OH my God, this one just happened today. my course mate was caught cheating in TEST, you need to see how she was embarassed by the lecturer and everyone was looking at her like a thief, ladypeenk will bear me witness. Her integrity was reduced to a stick of matches.

3. WOMANIZING; I remember when I used to womanize. thank God am a new creature. womanizing can lower your integrity to Zero. let me use Biblical references, see the case of judah who went out to sleep with a prostitute not knowing it was his daughter inlaw, he had no money but he gave her his belongings. when he was told she was pregnent he said they should stone her to death. but she said, judas is the owner of the pregnancy.

4. BAD GRAMMAR: it is so saddening that even the so called graduate of ENGLISH STUDIES cannnot speak english fluently. I heard a graduate giving a testimony of what happened to him. He said, I quote " area boys pursued me and they wanted to stab me....... i covered my face in shame. if you cannot speak good english it will be very hard for you to speak in public.

5. STEALING: when i say stealing, it is not related to picking someones property. therefore having sex without marriage is stealing, why? because you stole her vagina and used it. Did God permit you she shameful aspect of it is when you are caught Unclad... ask tosyne2much, i know he might be probably caught when he was in the world..... smiling.

6. UNWANTED PREGNANCY. I WON'T waste time on this, but when you mistakenly, did i call it mistake? yes because that is the normal language we use for it. when you impregnate a girl, there will be shame all over you, especially when you are poor.

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