Monday, March 28, 2016

Read This Info Before You Update Your Whatsapp

There was a report that whatsapp developers will be discontinuing their support to some devices...

A few days ago, Whatsapp announced that the'll be restricting support to all blackberry, Nokia S40, S60 and older android smartphones. This implies that this phones can't use whatsapp any longer.

Just this morning i got a push notification to update my whatsapp to the latest version and BOOM, There goes my whatsapp from my blackberry phone.

Anyway, that's the only way they can stop us from using whatsapp on this devices. So if you still wish to use your whatsappp on you Nokia, Blackberry, Just ignore the push notification to update your whatsapp that way you can still use the app.

Posted via #SeriousMata AFRICA

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