Tuesday, March 29, 2016

See Some Of The Benefits Of Undertaking Online Courses

Benefits of Online University Courses

For some time now, many people have had concerns about the importance, validity and acceptability of online higher institution studies. There reference would usually be National Open University of Nigeria NOUN. But the fact is that it is very valid, has come to stay and there are numerous benefits. In the past, people neglected online Universities because of lack of access to ICT and prevalence of conventional higher institutions. But this is no longer the case now.  The number of students subscribing to online Universities is ever of  the rise. A stopover at any study center of NOUN will confirm this point to you. Now, Some of the benefits of Online University include:

1. Flexibility

This is one of the most attractive features of online classes. Since the program is delivered to your computer, you can study from anywhere and at any time. While the courses offer you flexibility, for you to graduate and get a certificate you have to complete your module.

2. Lower costs

While the tuition fees for some online courses are similar to those charged in traditional institutions, you save money in the long run when you enroll in an online class. Since you take online classes at the comfort of your home, you save money that you would have spent travelling to school. Also, with online classes you don’t have to buy school supplies, rent a hostel or worry about meal plans.

3. Access to nontraditional courses

Institutions of learning mold students to be good employees. This means that you can’t get courses that are designed to offer you life skills. With the coming of online universities, you can get almost any course that you want.

Some of the courses that you can get online that you can never find in traditional learning institutions include: guidelines on how to lose weight, guidelines on how to know your talents and make the most of them, and many others.

4. More time with family and friends

If you are a working parent and taking evening and weekend classes you understand the sacrifice that you have to make. You spend the entire day at work then spend the evenings and weekends in class. This means that you have little or no time with your loved ones.

With online classes you don’t have to compromise relationships with family members. Once you are through with work, you can head home and spend time with your loved ones. After spending quality time you can now open your computer and study until late into the night.

5. Learn at your pace

Most of the courses (especially nontraditional ones) are designed in a way that you are the one who triggers the next topic. This means that if you don’t have time to study, you can take some time off and study when you have time. This is a luxury that you can’t get from a traditional mode of learning as your learning pace is determined by the lecturer.


Although some of these points were copied from a social network, but I confirm them to be true because I am proud holder of 2 different Postgraduate degrees at NOUN.

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