Thursday, March 10, 2016

See What Someone Wrote About Olajumoke Orisaguna, The Ex Agege Bread Hawker


Following the rate at which Nigerians wish to be in the shoes of  the acclaimed Ex Agege Bread Hawker turned model, a concerned Nigerian has these to say.

Things I hate seeing on concerning some forums about this Jumoke issue:

1) God pick my call: who the hell told you that God is a registered member of nairaland? Or u think sleeping at home or claiming Hustling will bring luck to you?

2) She is Lucky: Technically, there is nothing like Luck.
Luck like we all say is a product of opportunity with preparation! Let's assume Olajumoke was oversized, she wouldn't be able to play the script well.

3) My time is coming: Shout it from now till next year without any reasonable effort or plan, you will end up buying enough data from your network provider just to type trash!

This is Hilarious and we want you to share your thoughts....

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