Tuesday, March 01, 2016

You Will Be Amazed At What Your Children Think About Your Behaviors!!


This might be hilarious, I mean funny but it goes to show how much your children watch every of your words, actions, behaviors and misbehaviors.

1. Daddy lied in the church that he had an ancident, when it was Mummy that hit his head.

2. Daddy said Mummy is too wide and he's not a good swimmer. Is mummy a swimming pool?.

3. I think Mummy is still a virgin.

4. I saw an original balloon in Daddy's room but Daddy has spat onit.

5. Mummy was mad at Daddy yesterday because he touched Aunty Kevwe's bum bum.

6. I know why my Daddy is always reading newspapers. So that Mummy won't ask him for feeding money.

7. Daddy has shaved his beard because Mummy said he looked like an he goat.

8. The landlord will never give us quick notice because my mother is his friend.

9. I know when my daddy collects his salary because my mummy will call him sweetheart.

10. Why is Daddy always fighting with Mummy in bed but yet Mummy will say, "Oh, it's sweet!".

11. Sometimes Daddy's thing will go up, sometimes it will go down.

12. Mummy said Daddy is a womaniser. Is it because he works in the ministry of women affairs?

13. Mummy told Aunty Rukky that Daddy gave her gonorrhea, is it truth?. Is Daddy a gonorrhea distributor?

Please don't kill your child if you discover that they say all these about you outside your house.

Source : http://www.njuwo.com

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