Saturday, February 13, 2016

How To Know That He Will Be An Irresposible Husband: 6 Warning Signs

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Our people says that the taste of the pudding is in the eating. In fact, the behavior of some guys clearly shows that they will end up as wife-beaters future.. I can’t really blame guys who are involved in the act of humiliating ladies in public and online because these ladies in question must have torment their heart but going to the extent of destroying their intrinsic values is the major concern here. Therefore let’s take a look at signs that indicate a guy will become an irresponsible husband.

  • Laziness
    Some guys are so idle to the extent that they have no goal, vision and purpose in life. They are
    just too lazy to seize opportunities around them as they are only seen in betting gambling and betting shops 
  • Promiscuous And Chronic Womanizer
    This issue is common to perverts who has never zipped up for once in their life by chasing every tom and harry in skirt. These are the kinds that will eventually become sugar daddy, chasing ladies who are young enough to be their daughter in future.
  • Stingy
    Some guys are so stingy to the extent that they can’t call their girlfriends for just 1minute in a day. The only time they call for long period is during free night calls or bonus awarded from telecom providers. If they call for 30secs, they will hang up and later explain through whatsapp/BBM that it was network failure.
  • Always Makes Fool Of A Lady
    I hate when a guy beat or disgrace his girlfriend in public just because she hangs out with a guy. I consider this as a dysfunctional act because a man in making will not stoop so low to involve himself in this thrash.
  • Excessive Drinker and Chain Smoker
    For a guy that consume too much alcohol and smoke probably in the bid to control his anger is not a man. Such guys cannot become responsible husbands to their wives because they can use children’s school fee and other budgetary money to drink and smoke.
  • Keeping Questionable Companies and Friends
    Some guys rock and roll with the wrong peer groups who have influence them to have shameful lifestyles like yahoo yahoo occupation, rape gangs and area touts. 
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