Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Nasty Experiences Of A Bank's Contract Staff


Contract staff are usually treated as 3rd Class citizens. This especially true in some organizations like banks, construction companies Etc.

Here's a scary experience of an MSc student working as a contract staff in one of those banks in Lagos Nigeria.

I resumed as a contract staff of a bank early last month, every one was happy for me (having waited for over two years before getting a real job). They all thanked God on my behalf.

I was eventually posted to the contact centre of the bank located somewhere in ilupeju. my first one week on the job opened my eyes to the real definition of slavery. people work like crazy, targets have to be met, and there's no closing time. as an msc student, I had thought I can combine both, but with what I'm seeing, I'm scared. even more Scarry is when you meet people there and they tell you they've been in that slavery for up to four Years. 

please share your experience as a contract staff. how were you able to cope?

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