Thursday, March 03, 2016

You Should Seek For Help If You Don't Make Mistakes


Mistakes are a sure proof that one is actually working. When you are a goal-oriented somebody and you love to take on new tasks, you will definitely make mistakes. These mistakes are signs that you are really working.

Making mistakes is not wrong but is highly needed as a main ingredient in the entire success broth. Mistakes has been dreaded by all since time immemorial since no one want to be wrong.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but is more useful than a life spent doing nothing _ George Bernard Shaw

No one wants to fail and ultimately, no one wants to be used as scapegoat to deter others and whose experiences others will learn from.

Mistakes can basically be termed making a wrong judgement of someone or something or to understand someone or something incorrectly.

Growing up was fun and we all were made to failure and mistakes as a plague that must be avoided at all cost, little wonder for the perfectionist tendencies in most of us, the downside to that is we are yet to perfect anything and are even garnering more errors and mistakes along the line.


Inventions and innovations have always been the product of well south out, properly documented and monitored mistakes which are a deviation from how things should normally have been done. From the light bulbs to relativity theory, mistakes have always been the good villain.

The truth remains that no one is perfect and we are prone to fail and make mistakes which incredibly and undoubtedly, is the only way we get better.

Trying something new always in a positive direction may not always yield the desired result but indirectly you learn of a new way to proceed and get even better.


The fear of failure is total turn off for most of us and little wonder we just want to stick to the easy way out, but let’s analyze why we really not ought not to be scared of failing and mistakes:


The fear of making mistakes is a major setback because it prevents you from trying out newer, better and greater things as if that is not enough, it will make sure you do not ever get out of your comfort zone and thus you keep getting this false of protection.

In this case, your comfort zone will actually be a curse and because you will assume that everything stops here and naturally you will feel so content.

Do not let fear hold you back and miss out on great things you can accomplish. Truth, is you will never get it right at first but how would you even know that if you don’t avail yourself to the opportunity of giving things a trial?


Like we earlier pointed out, making mistakes are actually an occurrence you can never rule out from any venture you want to undertake but the good part is that, if you can listen well, you will get the key to solving a lifelong puzzle.

As you already agree with me that mistakes are really giving you feedback from any activity you engaged in but failed, will you not also agree that they are telling you to try another approach, apply more or reduce your our effort or even try afresh from a new angle entirely.

It seriously does not get better than these my friend!


Do you know how the strongest and most experienced lion is determined in a pride from others? it always bear visible marks and scars that shows that it has been in battles and even got beaten but now its own a pride (group of lions; including other males with an alpha male as a leader).

Just the way scars are a testimony to the lions unending effort to conquer, your trying alone and probably making mistakes every time is also a reminder to the fact that you are really trying and soon the you will frolick in the snow of success.

Mistakes don’t just happen and you just don’t fail at anything, what I need you to take out from here is that, it shows that you are trying hard enough, it shows that you are putting considerable effort to progress ( it just might not be good enough!).

We cannot always get it right at first try but I tell you this day that you are miles better than a man who has refused to even try, because you will become wiser, better and more versed!


This must have crossed your mind before but you may not have been able to place it properly. I reiterate that experience is what we call mistake either in its positive or negative form.

For every setback, failure or disadvantage encountered as mistake, it is always good to know that you are adding more feathers of wisdom to your cap and lets be modest, it shows that you are growing wiser and becoming more experienced.


The idea of trying to progress and meeting up or making mistakes is as a resultant of your simple resolve to get better and become the best.

No matter the kind of hindrances you encounter or face, you are only going to get better and better, you will also grow even wiser and this will reduce your chances of failing again in the nearest future to the nearest and bearable minimum.


Do not hold yourself back and do not panic just yet, keep moving and keep learning because a time will come that all your knowledge, experience and scars are just what is really needed for you to move to the next level.


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