Monday, March 21, 2016

How To Process Your Car's Tinted Glass Permit


Come April 2016, many people might fall victim of this rule... when it's enforcement gets underway.

Follow below steps to get your tinted permit. 

1. Log on to 

2. Fill in the information and click submit. 

3. You will be provided with a login password (you can change it once u log in). 

4. Scan proof of ownership and drivers license. 

5. Complete details of your car and input your insurance number then upload those docs in the portal provided

6. Press submit and print out the page. 

7. Take the print out form to police state headquarter in your location

Nb: once u get there ask for Ict department for permit. 

8. Tender your print out and you will be captured both face and finger print. 

9. A copy of your print out form with an inscription : UNDER PROCESSING WITH SIGNATURE AND DATE will be giving back to you. 

10.last, log in to your portal regularly to monitor if your permit has been approved. 

Tinted permit is FREE but you can appreciate them if you want to. 

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